How to Pray When You're Too Busy to Pray

Hello Praying Friends,

 Thank you for your commitment to pray!  Listen to this:

 "Better, far better, to do less work, if need be,

in order that we may pray more;

because work done by the rushing torrent of human energy

will not save a single soul;

whereas work done in vital and unbroken contact 

with the living God

will tell for all eternity."

-Anonymous, quoted in Net Results, July/Aug 2014

The time you spend in prayer may not seem very useful, especially when your to-do list is long.  It takes faith to believe that setting aside quiet time to pray is really worth it.  After all, one of the things we love most is being productive!

So we need these reminders that prayer is worth it.  As you pray, you are making an eternal difference.  So keep it up!

Thanks to those of you who sent me some feedback last week about how your prayer time is going, and what your challenges are!  I'd love to hear from the rest of you!

Let's keep praying together for these three things:

  • Ask God to make us HUNGRY for him
  • Ask God to break our HEARTS for those who don't know Jesus
  • Ask God to flood our church family with the HOLY SPIRIT

Thank you for praying!  God loves it when we spend time with him!

"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." James 5:16

Praying with You,

Pastor Kristen

+ + +
The Rev. Kristen Roth Allen
Co-Lead Pastor
Bemus Point United Methodist Church
4954 Bemus Ellery Road
Bemus Point, NY  14712


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