What's the Hardest Part of Praying?

Dear Praying Friend,

THANK YOU for your commitment to pray 15 minutes a day for the rest of 2018, along with your BPUMC family! 

How has it been going?  Are you finding it easier or harder than you expected?  What is the challenging part for you:  remembering to set aside time, actually setting aside the time, or staying focused for that length of time? 

Sometimes prayer is hard because we sort of "psych ourselves out," as the saying goes.  We feel like we need to get into a certain mindset or mood or spiritual posture before we can pray…but that often is so much work, that's as far as our good intentions take us.

 Let me encourage you with the words of the great theologian Nike:  just do it.

 Really, it's OK to just look up and talk with God.  Or get quiet and listen.  Just spend time with God in a mindful way, and don't worry about all the preparation.

 I would love to hear from you about how this commitment to pray is going – the good and the bad!  Send me a note!

 Let's keep focusing on those three things I asked you to pray about last time: 

·      Ask God to make us HUNGRY for him

·      Ask God to break our HEARTS for those who don't know Jesus

·      Ask God to flood our church family with the HOLY SPIRIT

 Thank you for praying!  God loves it when we spend time with him!

 Praying with You,

 Pastor Kristen



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